Surface Enhancement

Nondestructive Testing -
Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particle


• Shot Peening

• Vapor Blasting

• Abrasive Grit Blasting​

• Plastic Bead Blasting

• Media Finishing

• Fluorescent Penetrant

• Magnetic Particle Inspection

• Ultrasonic Inspection​

• Eddy Current Inspection​

• Radiographic Inspection

• On site services are
   also available

Our machinery is sophisticated and heavily automated. It ranges from CNC multi-axis robotic machines for specialty work, such as turbine hubs, to indexing machines for volume work, such as blades and vanes. Many of our machines operate to computer-controlled specifications AMS-2432, P11TF8 and PWA-36930.

Peening Technologies of Connecticut
8 Eastern Park Road, East Hartford CT 06108
Phone: 860-289-4328  |  Fax: 860-289-2134

Peening Technologies of Georgia, Inc.
3117 Emery Circle, Austell, GA 30168
Phone: 770-941-9573  |  Fax: 770-941-1794

A half-century of experience, a vision
for the future

Founded in 1966, we have grown from
a single-location vapor blasting job shop
to a sophisticated pair of companies
dedicated to providing a full range of shot peening services. 

Our aerospace approvals and awards reflect our dedication to meeting the highest quality standards and ensuring customer satisfaction.

We offer shot peening, abrasive blasting, surface enhancement, and non-destructive testing (NDT) services to the aerospace, automotive, power generation, medical and oil and gas exploration industries.